Porto - Undefeated City

A route through the main points of interest in the city of Porto, which will allow you to explore and get to know the historical and cultural details of the city, as well as going through tasting places where you can taste the best that exists in Portugal.

Play any day in the next 12 months!

€ 20.00

  • 15 RIDDLES 2h:00m – 3:00m hours. 4 km.
  • 1-5 Pessoa(s)
  • RELEVANT POINTS Avenida dos Aliados, Bento Station, riverside area and Torre dos Clérigos are some of the relevant points of the adventure.
  • STARTS in point #001 at Cordoaria Garden (Jardins da Cordoaria)
    ENDS at Clérigos Tower in #015 point (Torre dos Clérigos)
  • Available 24h/day,365 days a year
Arrasa com tudo 1h 32min
Manda bir 1h 39min
Abana mas não cai 1h 44min
Isto está a correr bem 1h 48min
Está feito 1h 53min
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